Pining for a Refuge Away from the City? Are you Ready to Become a Cottage Owner?

Tired of the urban rat race and longing for the tranquility and beauty of a sanctuary along the beach in Northern Ontario? You are not alone: many of us who spend the majority of our lives in busy, overcrowded, polluted and cities think about spending our golden years in an inviting place with far less hustle and bustle.

So, you’ve decided you want to have your own cottage. You can buy a preexisting one or build your own. The latter might be a little cheaper, but creating your own Northern refuge allows you to have one that meets your every need and desire.

OK, you’ve decided to build your own cottage. Unless you are extremely handy with a hammer and drill, your next step is choosing a cottage builder. Investigate home builders in Ontario and pick one that specializes in cottages. Read reviews, make calls, ask friends, relatives, and current cottage owners for recommendations.

Now think about where you would like the cottage to be. Find a lot that is in an area you like and is big enough to accommodate the structure you have in mind. Before purchasing the land, investigate its history and the quality of the infrastructure already in place, if applicable.

Once this is complete, you are ready to work with your chosen builder to decide on what sort of structure meets your fancy and falls into your price range. Make sure to choose a cottage layout that is big enough to provide rooms for everyone who will use it, while also leaving a decent sized lot for you to do outdoor entertaining.

Cottages can be a major investment, but they also improve quality of life and can be a tremendous source of relaxation. Enjoy!