Liven Up Your Home’s Exterior With Paint Accents

Adding a pop of color to the exterior of your house is a perfect way to turn it from bland to bold.

The first place you may consider adding a pinch of color too is your entrance way. Since it is the most visible part of your home and it is where most visitors first come face to face with your house this is the perfect place to start. For maximum impact consider a door color that  sharply contrasts the rest of the exterior. Usually a deep red, green or even black are common favorites. Bare in mind that dark shades are the most practical for doors since they are better at conceding smudges and fingerprints.

bold paint home extiror

Shutters are also good candidates for accent painting. Often shutters are painted in the same color as the door but this isn’t necessary. The most important detail is that the shutter color works with the color of your siding / brick color. It should act as a either a handsome contrast or soft compliment.

The best way to pick paint colors for your shutters is to mimic homes that you find appealing. Take a drive around your neighborhood or nearby community and look for homes that have a similar siding / brick colors to yours, note the colours you like and replicate these hues on your shutters.


If you’re fortunate enough to own a home with other architectural embellishment (such as the “gingerbread” trim often seen on Victorian homes), by all means make the most of it. Painted porch or deck furniture can also provide some punch, as can a painted wooden fence. Try treating a birdhouse (or doghouse) with some color – or simply share the color scheme on your home.