Island Living : Do You Have the Itch?

Everyone has dreams of owning a vacation property weather it be a cottage on the lake or an apartment on the ocean. What if you could own a cottage on a beautiful Canadian Island. Island living is quickly becoming a very popular lifestyle  and vacation option for many families.


Some popular Canadian home builders  are beginning to offer Prefab homes and now prefab cottages and island homes. This could be your chance to own a dream vacation home. The advantage of working with builders that offer prefab homes is that the process is usually faster and easier to customize. Most of them also offer finished basements and foundations. So onward to your dream vacation home!

Liven Up Your Home’s Exterior With Paint Accents

Adding a pop of color to the exterior of your house is a perfect way to turn it from bland to bold.

The first place you may consider adding a pinch of color too is your entrance way. Since it is the most visible part of your home and it is where most visitors first come face to face with your house this is the perfect place to start. For maximum impact consider a door color that  sharply contrasts the rest of the exterior. Usually a deep red, green or even black are common favorites. Bare in mind that dark shades are the most practical for doors since they are better at conceding smudges and fingerprints.

bold paint home extiror

Shutters are also good candidates for accent painting. Often shutters are painted in the same color as the door but this isn’t necessary. The most important detail is that the shutter color works with the color of your siding / brick color. It should act as a either a handsome contrast or soft compliment.

The best way to pick paint colors for your shutters is to mimic homes that you find appealing. Take a drive around your neighborhood or nearby community and look for homes that have a similar siding / brick colors to yours, note the colours you like and replicate these hues on your shutters.


If you’re fortunate enough to own a home with other architectural embellishment (such as the “gingerbread” trim often seen on Victorian homes), by all means make the most of it. Painted porch or deck furniture can also provide some punch, as can a painted wooden fence. Try treating a birdhouse (or doghouse) with some color – or simply share the color scheme on your home.

Pining for a Refuge Away from the City? Are you Ready to Become a Cottage Owner?

Tired of the urban rat race and longing for the tranquility and beauty of a sanctuary along the beach in Northern Ontario? You are not alone: many of us who spend the majority of our lives in busy, overcrowded, polluted and cities think about spending our golden years in an inviting place with far less hustle and bustle.

So, you’ve decided you want to have your own cottage. You can buy a preexisting one or build your own. The latter might be a little cheaper, but creating your own Northern refuge allows you to have one that meets your every need and desire.

OK, you’ve decided to build your own cottage. Unless you are extremely handy with a hammer and drill, your next step is choosing a cottage builder. Investigate home builders in Ontario and pick one that specializes in cottages. Read reviews, make calls, ask friends, relatives, and current cottage owners for recommendations.

Now think about where you would like the cottage to be. Find a lot that is in an area you like and is big enough to accommodate the structure you have in mind. Before purchasing the land, investigate its history and the quality of the infrastructure already in place, if applicable.

Once this is complete, you are ready to work with your chosen builder to decide on what sort of structure meets your fancy and falls into your price range. Make sure to choose a cottage layout that is big enough to provide rooms for everyone who will use it, while also leaving a decent sized lot for you to do outdoor entertaining.

Cottages can be a major investment, but they also improve quality of life and can be a tremendous source of relaxation. Enjoy!

The Importance of Ensuring Your Home Structure is Safe

Buying a new home is scary. There are a lot of things you want to think about! For example what sort of community is it? What are the neighbors like? Is the house in a flood zone? What sort of weather can you expect?

Here is a breakdown on the most critical things you need to think about when you are looking for a new home in a new country. Japan is known for earthquakes so many new buildings are built to withstand this sort of shaking trauma. Older buildings are retrofitted to work against the forces of the shaking earth. One of the most difficult moments in the recent history of Japan was the earthquake and tsunami of 2010. This was a significant event due to the unexpected nature of it. The Earthquake happened shallow and close to shore so there was little time to prepare for it. Some of the worst areas were hit because of how the environment was shaped: the valley walls came together onto a very flat area and this wasn’t necessarily the best protection, for future reference here is a local company for emergency furnace repair. There were no protective elements put in place to ensure that if tsunami were to occur that it would not decimate the entire populations.

I have been taking some time to do my own analysis about the structural integrity of my own home- there are a lot of things to think about. For example if you do not have the heating and cooling system of your home up to date many people will not buy it until it is fixed. There are a lot of different things to think about when you work with heating and cooling systems. You don’t want a house without heat Durand a cold winter and you don’t want a house thats really hot and humid all summer- this can lead to issues down the line such as mold or frozen and broken pipes. Overall I would always suggest people keep their heating systems perfectly up to date, for more info check out furnace repair company in st. Catherines.